do good things. meet good people.

join qinship to find out about fun group events that make it easy to meet new people.

about qinship

whether we're building a house together or painting a school mural, qinship makes it easy to meet good people, no "dating" required.

Step 1: We invite you to an event
Step 2: You RSVP
Step 3: You meet cool people
Step 4: We help you stay in touch

100% organic

let's face it - we all suck at making conversation. our group events help take the pressure off - the fact that you're planting trees will distract you from the fact that you're actually getting to know each other.

we do the work

no more planning - no more back & forth texts about schedules. you already have a job - having fun shouldn't feel like work. we'll tell you the time & place, and you just show up, on your own or with friends.

you feel awesome

we're firm believers that community can make you happy. so whether you meet your special someone or not, every qinship event will leave you feeling awesome about yourself and your place in the world.

how it works

every month, we partner with awesome local non-profits to put on our events. we look for organizations with inspiring missions, strong track records, and phenomenal people.

for every event, we layer on our own consistent spin to make sure you have a good time - fresh social elements, free food & drink, zero training requirements, and convenient times and locations that work with your busy schedule.

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